Feeling Overwhelmed??

It seems like everyone I talk to these days is overwhelmed. There is too much to do and not enough time in the day. 
Life can be very busy for us all for sure. I was really happy to have this topic at my last women’s group class.  We talked about it in great detail and the lightbulb went on for me. 

I think it was last year after Christmas I was reading Brene Brown’s newest book, Atlas of the Heart. She explained overwhelm so well and I was definitely feeling it then. 
“Overwhelm means an extreme level of stress and emotional and or cognitive intensity to the point of feeling unable to function,” Brown says. “So, I think the big difference is we can function in stress, we really can't function in overwhelm."
When we prioritize what is important to us, we can lessen the overwhelm. I know too well what can happen when we don’t reach out, ask for help and get help when we are overwhelmed.  The Universe will find a way to slow us down if we don’t do it ourselves. This happened to me when I had my car accident that took everything from me, including my career. 

What I learned in my class was that if I first write down my top 3 -5 priorities in my life and then plan my day, I will stay out of overwhelm. 
By setting and stating my priorities each day I stay focused on saying YES to what is important to me and NO to what isn’t. 
I always love November because I call it NO vember! It is a great time to practice saying no things that aren’t’ priorities in your life.  

Most women I know have issues with saying no and therefore get overwhelmed with life. When we know what we really want and care about, we stay true to our priorities and our heart. And we do the things that fill us up. 

Since this class, I have really shifted into feeling so much less overwhelm. My to do lists get done each day with a sense of peace.  I feel so much better about myself and my commitments. What used to fill my day is now a little different and I don’t feel that overwhelm so much. It is like so many things a work in progress for me. Practicing saying no, being in my weekly class to learn every week new ways to fill my heart and have amazing relationships with others and mostly myself is the key to me living my best and most fabulous life. I love my life and love the learning and growing I am doing each day and each week in class. 
Practice saying No this month so you can have the energy to say yes to things next month, but only if they are a part of your priority list and fill your heart. 
My priorities are Family, Friends and Health. If things on my list don’t fit in, I’m saying bye bye! 
What are your Priorities? Be sure to share and watch your life go from #fatiguetofabulous Fast! 


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