Feeling Overwhelmed??

Feeling Overwhelmed??

It seems like everyone I talk to these days is overwhelmed. There is too much to do and not enough time in the day. 
Life can be very busy for us all for sure. I was really happy to have this topic at my last women’s group class.  We talked about it in great detail and the lightbulb went on for me. 

I think it was last year after Christmas I was reading Brene Brown’s newest book, Atlas of the Heart. She explained overwhelm so well and I was definitely feeling it then. 
“Overwhelm means an extreme level of stress and emotional and or cognitive intensity to the point of feeling unable to function,” Brown says. “So, I think the big difference is we can function in stress, we really can't function in overwhelm."
When we prioritize what is important to us, we can lessen the overwhelm. I know too well what can happen when we don’t reach out, ask for help and get help when we are overwhelmed.  The Universe will find a way to slow us down if we don’t do it ourselves. This happened to me when I had my car accident that took everything from me, including my career. 

What I learned in my class was that if I first write down my top 3 -5 priorities in my life and then plan my day, I will stay out of overwhelm. 
By setting and stating my priorities each day I stay focused on saying YES to what is important to me and NO to what isn’t. 
I always love November because I call it NO vember! It is a great time to practice saying no things that aren’t’ priorities in your life.  

Most women I know have issues with saying no and therefore get overwhelmed with life. When we know what we really want and care about, we stay true to our priorities and our heart. And we do the things that fill us up. 

Since this class, I have really shifted into feeling so much less overwhelm. My to do lists get done each day with a sense of peace.  I feel so much better about myself and my commitments. What used to fill my day is now a little different and I don’t feel that overwhelm so much. It is like so many things a work in progress for me. Practicing saying no, being in my weekly class to learn every week new ways to fill my heart and have amazing relationships with others and mostly myself is the key to me living my best and most fabulous life. I love my life and love the learning and growing I am doing each day and each week in class. 
Practice saying No this month so you can have the energy to say yes to things next month, but only if they are a part of your priority list and fill your heart. 
My priorities are Family, Friends and Health. If things on my list don’t fit in, I’m saying bye bye! 
What are your Priorities? Be sure to share and watch your life go from #fatiguetofabulous Fast! 


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Headaches Again? Maybe It’s Time We Tried Those Hippie Oils?

Headaches Again? Maybe It’s Time We Tried Those Hippie Oils?

Call me a hippie but I am telling you these oils work. Almost every day I find a new use for these oils. And every day I feel amazing.

I may be a hippie and a peace lover but my number one priority is loving ME. And ever since I started on this journey of taking care of me, I have been finding new ways to take care of my health naturally. 

What did they do before pharmaceutical drugs? They obviously had headaches, pain, tummy problems and a hard time falling asleep. I am sure they were stressed out back then too. And they found ways to get rid of all of that with what they had. Then came the pharmaceutical companies who made millions of dollars trying to tell you that there way was better. It was for them, but not for you. They forgot to tell you that these were not natural products you were putting in your body and that you would get side effects, allergic reactions and they would harm your liver. But they sure made a lot of money from you. Hey, I know that there are lots of great things that the pharmaceutical companies have made for us. Sometimes we need them, but many times we don't. 

When you really start loving yourself you become a hippie like me. You start looking at what you are putting in to that beautiful body you call home. You start questioning what is in your food, drugs, make-up and I even question what is in my puppies food.

My oil journey started when I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. I could barely get out of bed. Walking my dog stopped, and so did everything else around my house. I started researching like crazy and found all kinds of natural suggestions. I came across some oil information and asked my friend to share her oil experience with me. Before I knew it I was in the market for some Nutmeg oil. I found the best company on the market and my journey began. I bought the oil kit which contained about a dozen oils and a diffuser and I was in heaven. I started researching what I could do with the other oils in the kit.  My pharmacist told me it would take 3-6 months to recover and in 2 weeks I was walking my dog in the forest.

My husband has had chronic headaches his whole life. He was popping Advil 3-4 times a day, every day for relief. So I tried a little experiment. We were running out of Advil and I asked him if we could try oils instead. If they didn’t work I would go and buy more Advil. The first thing I did was put lavender on his temples and got him to breathe in peppermint. 

His headache disappeared almost immediately. He was not convinced but I was. He rarely takes a pill now for a headache or anyting.  I found hundreds more uses for the oils from tummy ache issues to using the oils for bug/flea sprays, facial creams, ointments for pain and so much more.

I am a believer, not because I am a hippie but because they work and I feel amazing. I tell my friends and family and once they try them, they are so excited that they actually work. I know many of you reading this are thinking this girl is just making all this up. All I can say is try it!.

The oils don’t expire, they are really inexpensive and the kit I bought replaced everything in my medicine cupboard. And as for the diffuser. OMG. I love it. I can use it to purify the air, help with cough and cold symptoms, or just enjoy the scent. Oh and one of the greatest things I made: A spray for my hubby’s very smelly hockey gear that not only smells nice but kills the bacteria. Oh yeah!! Hippie Freaks Rule!!!  Oh and don't forget that Health Canada has Approved these oils. Yup!! So you don't have to trust just me. 

Ask me more or do the research for yourself. Oils changed my life and I know they will change yours too. 


The Ups and Downs of Life

The Ups and Downs of Life

Even when you have finally created a life of no drama and a life full of amazing people, there are still those days where you feel up and days where you feel down. What’s up with that? 

I find that when I have lots of up days that I forget about the downs. I feel like I am riding on a high. I am energized and can accomplish so much in a day. I sleep well and wake up ready to go. I get visions and downloads to help me figure out my life’s purpose. My housework gets done and so does my business work. And then… a down day arrives. Lucky for me these are pretty rare now.  

I know, it’s the Universe slowing me down and helping me to rest but it really sucks! I wake up and can’t get out of bed. When I do, I have no idea what to do. I wander around the house and just dream of going back to bed. I can’t concentrate and I feel like I can’t accomplish anything. Just thinking of what to make my family for dinner is a big decision for me. 

So what do I do? Well I sit in a pity party for a little while (this time gets shorter and shorter) and then do my best to snap out of it. I write in my gratitude journal and try to find things I am grateful for. I try to not be hard on myself for not getting off the couch and I try to be really gentle with myself. I reach out and meet a friend for tea or go for a walk in the forest. I do my best to just “BE” and enjoy the quietness. 

This down time is a gift from the Universe and I really need to get out of my slump and say Thank You. Thank you for giving me a day to rest my body so I can be ready for the next Up day that is on its way. Thank you for reminding me that on my Up days, I sometimes over do it. Thank you for reminding me to take time for me and my girlfriends. Thank you for reminding me how far I have come. 

So here I sit at my computer and plan my walk and know that it may be the only thing I get done today. But that is OK. Because I am so grateful for the life I have created where I can have those down days and I can learn to be grateful for all that I have. 

I am eagerly waiting for the Up day to arrive while trying to BE in the moment of enjoying the Down day and being Grateful! 

Living a Fabulous life is finding gifts in the lows and highs in life. I love the life I have created. Was it easy, not really, but it sure was worth every down day. Cuz I wouldn’t be who and where I am today without them.  

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Cheers to the Ups and Downs,  Heather


Look Back, Only to See How Far You Have Come...

Look Back, Only to See How Far You Have Come...
Wow I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since my life changed dramatically.  It is funny how time heals. 15 years ago, or even 10 years ago I would have never seen so many gifts given to me when I almost lost my life in a serious car accident.
Every single thing changed in my life. It was like a re-birth. And as much as it totally sucked, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. 
It didn’t just suck. I fuckin’ hated it. How could the Universe/God do this to me? What good could possibly come from me losing my career, my family, my brain function and more? 
Oooh did God have amazing plans for me. 
I went from losing everything. And I mean everything. I lost my beautiful big home on acreage. I lost my career, my savings, and I lost my ex-husband years later.  It is funny when I look back and see all the signs I was getting to slow down and make changes.   I had small car accidents, injuries at work, noticing things changing in my relationship with my spouse, dealt with stomach issues (like being punched in the gut), and so much more. 
I was just pretending everything was OK, cuz it really wasn’t that bad. What was bad was that I was not listening to my body. It was screaming for me to slow down and make some changes and so the Universe just said, geez, Heather, I guess we are going to have to get a dump truck on the highway to hit you. 
It took me one year from this accident to get the courage up to leave my very toxic marriage. The addiction had taken its toll on me, and I could no longer stay and be abused. And believe me, it was the hardest thing I ever did. If you know me, you probably know that I am not a quitter. I don’t quit. I find ways to make things great and stick to it. I exhausted every avenue before I took the leap and left my marriage.  
When you lose your job and your health, your marriage and more you lose your identity. Or at least I sure did. Who was I?? I was no longer Heather, the University student, the Program Manager at Mental Health, the Board of Directors member, the wife, mother. I was a sick woman who could barely get out of bed. I slept most days away, living in a tiny trailer trying to focus on getting my health back. 
That car accident 15 years ago gave me an opportunity for a new start.  I got to start my learning to just BE. Just BE Heather. A woman with no labels. I wasn’t someone who worked there or did this or that. I was just ME.  It was the hardest thing for me and the best thing for me. 
I don’t choose to live in the past, but I do love anniversaries. Anniversaries give us an opportunity to look back and see how far we have come. 
Wow, have I ever come far! And wow am I ever grateful for those dark, difficult times that led me to the life I have now. 
Was it easy? Hell no!  Would I do it again? Hell YES! 
Every day is a new day to move forward and a new day to listen to my body and see what she is trying to tell me so I can move forward and follow all my dreams. This time I choose to listen, so it is not so dramatic of a learning curve. 
My life, my health, my family and everything around me is better than it has ever been in my almost 54 years of being on this planet. It is a gift and I appreciate it all.  And maybe I wouldn’t appreciate things and be so  grateful if things weren’t so hard. 
Tough days, never last. They turn into your best days. If you dream it, you can hold it. Dream big, listen to your body and be grateful every single day. 

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Scheduling Time for YOU - Are you Busy?

Scheduling Time for YOU - Are you Busy?
How many times has someone asked you how you are, and you said, “busy”? 

Or I wish I could join you, but I am so “busy”.   I know you already know this but let’s hear it again. Cuz we all need to be reminded. Especially me who used to live a very “busy” life. And now I know that most of it was to feel worthy, to feel like I was contributing, to feel like I was a good mom, good wife, good…. 

You’ve probably heard the new studies showing how multi-tasking is not our friend. “Doing more than one task at a time, especially more than one complex task, takes a toll on productivity.”  We also know what toll being busy takes on our life. Or do we? 

  • Adrenal Issues: For me, this is huge. I have spent the last several years trying to heal my adrenals that I ruined because I was so busy. I was in that fight or flight mode constantly and our bodies are not meant to do that. Our adrenals are there for emergencies and not to be turned on high all day long.
  • Self Esteem: if our self-worth is part of us being busy then when we are relaxing and enjoying life, how high is our self-esteem? Are we worried about what others will think of us? 
  • Family times/Regret:  Shame and Regret are no place to be but when we look back after living a busy life, many people find that they wish they had more time to do the things they loved. They wish they had more time for their friends and family. Wishing we would have or could have, is not something we ever want to be doing. There is no peace there. 
What other areas of your life are affected by being busy all the time? I know that dis-ease loves to live where love frequency is. Places like guilt, shame, anger, hate, are all places we want to be able to let go of.   It is ok to feel these things, but we never want to get stuck in them.  How many people do you know who have chronic illnesses that lives a busy life and never took the tame to deal with their issues? I know lots, maybe even everyone I know. Including the old me. 

So being busy is great if you set boundaries. Being busy loving you is the best busy you can be. So next time I hear you say I am busy, is it ok if I check in and ask you if you are busy because you feel guilt or shame or are you busy loving yourself and living a Fabulous Life? 

I love my day planner that I write in every day. I schedule in the things “I need to do” and I also schedule in friend time, family time, and ME time.   Make your schedule balanced and you can be as Busy as you like. 

Do you need some Balancing to do in your daily schedule? Don’t wait for a dump truck to hit you on the highway, like I did to slow down and enjoy life. 
Start today! 
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