Headaches Again? Maybe It’s Time We Tried Those Hippie Oils?

Call me a hippie but I am telling you these oils work. Almost every day I find a new use for these oils. And every day I feel amazing.

I may be a hippie and a peace lover but my number one priority is loving ME. And ever since I started on this journey of taking care of me, I have been finding new ways to take care of my health naturally. 

What did they do before pharmaceutical drugs? They obviously had headaches, pain, tummy problems and a hard time falling asleep. I am sure they were stressed out back then too. And they found ways to get rid of all of that with what they had. Then came the pharmaceutical companies who made millions of dollars trying to tell you that there way was better. It was for them, but not for you. They forgot to tell you that these were not natural products you were putting in your body and that you would get side effects, allergic reactions and they would harm your liver. But they sure made a lot of money from you. Hey, I know that there are lots of great things that the pharmaceutical companies have made for us. Sometimes we need them, but many times we don't. 

When you really start loving yourself you become a hippie like me. You start looking at what you are putting in to that beautiful body you call home. You start questioning what is in your food, drugs, make-up and I even question what is in my puppies food.

My oil journey started when I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. I could barely get out of bed. Walking my dog stopped, and so did everything else around my house. I started researching like crazy and found all kinds of natural suggestions. I came across some oil information and asked my friend to share her oil experience with me. Before I knew it I was in the market for some Nutmeg oil. I found the best company on the market and my journey began. I bought the oil kit which contained about a dozen oils and a diffuser and I was in heaven. I started researching what I could do with the other oils in the kit.  My pharmacist told me it would take 3-6 months to recover and in 2 weeks I was walking my dog in the forest.

My husband has had chronic headaches his whole life. He was popping Advil 3-4 times a day, every day for relief. So I tried a little experiment. We were running out of Advil and I asked him if we could try oils instead. If they didn’t work I would go and buy more Advil. The first thing I did was put lavender on his temples and got him to breathe in peppermint. 

His headache disappeared almost immediately. He was not convinced but I was. He rarely takes a pill now for a headache or anyting.  I found hundreds more uses for the oils from tummy ache issues to using the oils for bug/flea sprays, facial creams, ointments for pain and so much more.

I am a believer, not because I am a hippie but because they work and I feel amazing. I tell my friends and family and once they try them, they are so excited that they actually work. I know many of you reading this are thinking this girl is just making all this up. All I can say is try it!.

The oils don’t expire, they are really inexpensive and the kit I bought replaced everything in my medicine cupboard. And as for the diffuser. OMG. I love it. I can use it to purify the air, help with cough and cold symptoms, or just enjoy the scent. Oh and one of the greatest things I made: A spray for my hubby’s very smelly hockey gear that not only smells nice but kills the bacteria. Oh yeah!! Hippie Freaks Rule!!!  Oh and don't forget that Health Canada has Approved these oils. Yup!! So you don't have to trust just me. 

Ask me more or do the research for yourself. Oils changed my life and I know they will change yours too. 



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