This weekend I was reminded of how far I have come. I spent most of the weekend sleeping. I was exhausted. It is a place called Adrenal Fatigue and if I don't do what I need to do to get out of it, it can turn into depression.

For many years I lived there in the sinker hole. I had no tools (or didn’t know where to get the tools) to get me out. So I stayed there and hid in the darkness. There was a time where I used anti-depressents to get me out and other times I would be able to peek out for a moment and then fall back down. There always was a rope to grab onto to lift myself out but I could never seem to find it.

So last week was super emotional for me.  My dog was back at the vet's after trying everything I could to help her with her issues. And I started doing some deep work with my coach after having a break down....or what I like to call Break Through.  That was a whole lot of emotions and then add on regular life stuff like deadlines and taking care of others. (oops forgot to take care of me first) 

So I found myself not being able to keep my eyes open. I would literally sit on the couch and close my eyes and find myself napping.  I knew it was adrenal fatigue and it was from the emotions I am working through and new that I had to listen to my body. It was time to rest. It is the ONLY way to get passed this. I also have some natural products up my sleeve, of course that I went hard core with. 

Life brings us emotional stuff and it will always do that. And I need to be prepared for it. Saying no, setting boundaries and self care can definitely help me stay out of that sinker hole.  But when I happen to fall in, which is pretty rare now,  I work really hard to support my body to heal. I ask for help. I take my oils and supplements and rest my precious body.  I am grateful for the tools to get me back on track. 

So here I am writing in hopes that when you feel like your are headed to that sinker hole. Reach for the rope, a friend, a mirror or just feel your heart. And know you are here on this planet to learn and grow and rest. And you are not meant to do this thing called life alone. I am here for you anytime. 

I am so grateful for great friends, and learning valuable lessons along the way. 


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