Find the Hidden Gift
I lost my career in 2006 due to a major car accident. I realized back then that what I did for a living was all I knew to be who I was. 
I can remember going to gatherings with new people and people would always ask, what do you do? 
I would freeze up with fear. Would I tell them I barely get out of bed to walk my dog? Would I lie and make something up?  It got easier as I began to realize that all of this was a gift. 
Believe me it took a while to get to the gift part. 🎁 
What I was given was an opportunity to lead from my heart. My head was broken, so that made it a little easier.  I was able to find things that I loved and do them.  I never ever thought I'd find a job from it. Heck, I was told I'd never work again. 
It was this gift of being in my heart, and looking for ways to heal my head that led me to eventually earning some money. Although, that was all just a big bonus. 
I was taught that work was something that made you who you are. If you weren’t working, you were a nobody. I now know that work is a four letter word. The definition of Work:  activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. 
Work is not your value. It is things you to do achieve results. Not necessarily money.  For me, after my accident, work was now going to be about me. It was going to be healing, and loving myself just as I am. Changing our default settings isn’t always easy.  
As I began to heal, I began to get energy and find things I loved once again. I found the love of my life, a beautiful healing home, my garden, a puppy and many new friends.   
I started to share how I was healing with these women and they wanted to purchase the products I was using. I really had no idea that what I was doing was working.  When I found out that I was getting paid money for sharing and teaching what I was doing I was literally shocked. I was doing what I loved. No stress at all and meeting new friends. And the best part was that even though they weren’t looking for money, they were receiving it too.... just for sharing their health stories.  
I have been teaching and sharing my health stories for I think 8 years now. My friends and I still earn money each month and we still continue to heal and share.   
I am truly blessed that a horrific car accident could bring me such an incredible gift.  A gift of learning to lead from my heart, healing my body, new amazing friendships, a passion and a purpose and the best life ever.  
Sometimes our worst days, actually catapult us to our best day. #fatiguetofabulous can happen for you too. Message me and lets heal the world together... one drop at a time.  


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