Scheduling Time for YOU - Are you Busy?
How many times has someone asked you how you are, and you said, “busy”? 

Or I wish I could join you, but I am so “busy”.   I know you already know this but let’s hear it again. Cuz we all need to be reminded. Especially me who used to live a very “busy” life. And now I know that most of it was to feel worthy, to feel like I was contributing, to feel like I was a good mom, good wife, good…. 

You’ve probably heard the new studies showing how multi-tasking is not our friend. “Doing more than one task at a time, especially more than one complex task, takes a toll on productivity.”  We also know what toll being busy takes on our life. Or do we? 

  • Adrenal Issues: For me, this is huge. I have spent the last several years trying to heal my adrenals that I ruined because I was so busy. I was in that fight or flight mode constantly and our bodies are not meant to do that. Our adrenals are there for emergencies and not to be turned on high all day long.
  • Self Esteem: if our self-worth is part of us being busy then when we are relaxing and enjoying life, how high is our self-esteem? Are we worried about what others will think of us? 
  • Family times/Regret:  Shame and Regret are no place to be but when we look back after living a busy life, many people find that they wish they had more time to do the things they loved. They wish they had more time for their friends and family. Wishing we would have or could have, is not something we ever want to be doing. There is no peace there. 
What other areas of your life are affected by being busy all the time? I know that dis-ease loves to live where love frequency is. Places like guilt, shame, anger, hate, are all places we want to be able to let go of.   It is ok to feel these things, but we never want to get stuck in them.  How many people do you know who have chronic illnesses that lives a busy life and never took the tame to deal with their issues? I know lots, maybe even everyone I know. Including the old me. 

So being busy is great if you set boundaries. Being busy loving you is the best busy you can be. So next time I hear you say I am busy, is it ok if I check in and ask you if you are busy because you feel guilt or shame or are you busy loving yourself and living a Fabulous Life? 

I love my day planner that I write in every day. I schedule in the things “I need to do” and I also schedule in friend time, family time, and ME time.   Make your schedule balanced and you can be as Busy as you like. 

Do you need some Balancing to do in your daily schedule? Don’t wait for a dump truck to hit you on the highway, like I did to slow down and enjoy life. 
Start today! 
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