Feeling Flat???
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling kind of flat lately? And I don’t mean my stomach. LOL 
Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life and I am very grateful every day. But things have changed.   The ups and downs of life and been more downs than ups. And that means my average has gone down a little. 
The Ups aren’t as Up and there are definitely less of them. Is this happening for you too? 
What can we do about it?  Well, it is up to us to keep the Ups Up. And we just have to find different ways of getting there. 
For example: I used to go to concerts, go dancing, weddings, sporting events, dinner parties, and holidays. These would bring up my vibration.  And now those things aren’t happening. So…the things that used to be just regular things need to become my new UP.   
So before when I had a fantastic meal with my husband, it was just a flat regular event. Now, I need to mindful that this is my UP. I can find so much more gratitude in that now, because it is special. It was just an average day before. 
Maybe I can’t have a big Halloween party with all my friends, but I can have a couple over to watch a hockey game or go out for some wings and beer?  I am starting to see that if I want to get out of the flat – lining or melancholy. I need to change my mindset. 
So today I am going for a walk in the forest. I can just go for a walk in the forest, or I can get super dooper excited about it and think about all that I will see, the people I will meet, nature at its best and the cute dogs I get to say hi to. This can raise my vibe if I get excited about it. 
Finding things to get excited about may sound like work and a little silly but I’m telling you it works. I have so much more energy and way less time to be in the dumps. 
When I start to feel low, I get busy finding things I CAN do and not focus on what I CAN’T.  
Many of us have always done this but now we have to be extra conscious of it until we can go back in to having extraordinary fun times again. 
Are you ready to break free from the Flat Line? 
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I'm here to help, One Drop at a Time,


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