It is my OILiversary today.
7 years ago, a box of oils and a diffuser landed at my front doorstep.

Google had led me to this box. I was struggling so much with my Adrenal Fatigue. I was actually bed ridden with it.

I was sick and tired of all the medications I was taking, and doctors’ appointments and I wanted to try something natural.

Of course, I was completely skeptical. But I was at a rock bottom moment, in bed, and wanted help.

Who knew that this little box would change my life forever?

Within days, I was up and out of bed. Within weeks, my husband was able to stop his daily headache pill habit.   Within months, I was telling all my friends and family about what I was learning. Within 2 years I was off every single medication.

I slowly woke up and started to remove things like all my scented candles, my dryer sheets, and that laundry soap. I switched all my chemical cleaners for one cleaner and then slowly went through all my products and started to let t hem go.

I look around my home now and all I see is the Young Living label. Why this label? Because I never ever have to read the Ingredients list. I never have to worry if they are tricking me and sneaking chemicals into my products.  I know and trust the company and feel the love that is in every bottle.

And most of all the education I have received and new friendships are priceless.

Jeff and I both have never felt better and looked better in our lives.

This little box changed our life and it can change yours too….when you are ready. And only when you are ready. Cuz I would cry if you just bought it and didn’t choose to use it.   NO fad, no expiry, no side effects, just pure love in every product. And I come with your box. I’ve done all the work and can help you Easily switch out a few things immediately and can be there to watch all of those miracles in your life.

I can’t wait for you to get yours….


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