Does anyone else out there set alarms on their phones for everything? My husband asked me last night, “Heather why is your phone always beeping, I thought you turned off your notifications?”  I had to tell him that those are notifications of people trying to message me, those are my alarms going off, so I don’t forget to do stuff. 

I set alarms for meetings, to remind me of my word of the year, to remind me that I have a tea date, to take food out for dinner, and you name it, if I can set an alarm for it, I do. 

Why do we have issues with this brain fog? And why is it showing up more right now? 

According to Dr. Lily Brown, professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, this may be because our fight or flight is in overdrive lately. When our limbic system is consistently triggered by stressful information or events it overrides the executive functioning part of our brain, which is where rational and clear decision-making occurs. The more that override happens, the more we struggle to focus, motivate, think clearly, or control impulses. 
We also see brain fog show up when we're engaging in less physical activity than usual during the day and/or experiencing poor sleep. Both of these deficits also happen to be a result of stress. 

I spent most of my career in fight or flight. I had an extremely stressful job, plus add all of the stresses at home. I think I may have been addicted to the adrenaline that was rushing constantly. But guess what? That didn’t just make me sick then, it continues to wreak havoc on my body now, even though I don’t have much stress in my life.  I was so hard on my body back then; I am still paying the price now. I have the most sensitive adrenals. One bit of stress, and I mean barely anything, and my adrenals act up. I get middle back pain, and feel exhausted, not just tired. 

So, what do I do to combat this brain fog?  Well seeing that life is constantly busy, I better remember these things I can do to help my brain. 

  1. Sleep. Getting enough sleep is so important. Rest is when our body does most of its healing. So, getting a good night’s rest can really help my brain fog. 
  2. Balance. I love the book Oola. It reminds me of the 7 F’s to living a balanced life. Am I unbalanced? Too much time spent with work and not enough with friends, faith, fitness, fun?? Time to pay attention  or pull out that book again. 
  3. Exercise is great as long as I haven’t gotten myself into full on brain fog, also knows as Adrenal Fatigue. When I am in this mode, I need to rest my poor body. And short slow walks only. It’s time to slow everything down and give my body the time to heal. 
  4. Set those alarms on my phone. Sorry hubby, but if this annoys you, too bad.  I am a no problem, powerful woman who does what she says and shows up to meetings and events when she says she is. And so I am not ok forgetting appointments. It is easy and helpful to know my phone has my back. 
  5. Be healthy! Eat well, drink well and of course oil up! There are so many amazing essential oils for this issue that work. Hey, I wouldn’t be the crazy oil lady I am today if it weren’t for me Googling natural support for adrenal fatigue. Make sure you have the right brand of oils, or it will be a big waste of your time. I have an incredible oily routine that works fast when my Adrenals are acting up. And there are some great blends to diffuse while you work, play or sleep that can support that tired brain of yours. Just ask and I’d be happy to share some great tips. 
  6. Boundaries. Say NO!   I started saying no to people and things and boy does that ever help! Just make sure you are doing it without any thoughts of feeling bad, or it just won’t work.  Making you #1 means, putting you first and your health first…
How do you deal with Brain fog? I’d love to know some of you tips and tricks. 

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