First of all, what is a Cheerleader?   
“an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something”
When we think of a cheerleader we usually think of a sports team, right? Well, what if we thought of it as something we all need in order to live our most Fabulous life? 

What if we realized that without a cheerleader we would fall back into our old ways, old thoughts and those monkeys would start to chatter and tell us we aren’t good enough. 

And what if we found a way to find cheerleaders who would cheer us on. 

Now I am a firm believer in reciprocal relationships so in order to find one you must be one. 
I like to practice being a great cheerleader for the people in my life. I love to tell them how great they look, how proud I am of them, how they make me feel or just plain old “love them up.”

It’s easy really. And it feels so good for them, and you. 

Now comes the next part that is hard for some of us. What if now we get to sit back and let others love us up. Let them tell us how awesome we are and how great we make them feel.  Can you do this?  And can you do it without saying things like “thanks, but….”   I mean really take what they say and go for gold. 

In our lives we look for ways to score, get a touchdown, slam dunk, beat the buzzer, go for the gold medal and we need a cheerleader just like those sports teams. Hey, they wouldn’t succeed if they didn’t have someone cheering them on so how about us? 

So now, how do we get cheerleaders. Be A Cheerleader. 
Practice complimenting others. Practice being that girl with her pom poms. Write love notes, send inspiring messaged and most of all be that “no problem women”. 
And just watch all the pom poms arrive for YOU. 

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