What is it like to live a Fabulous Life? 
Well first of all, I can tell you what it is like to Not live a Fabulous Life.  
Before Fabulous, my life was full of Fatigue, pain, anxiety, and loneliness even though I wasn't alone.  I didn't ask for help, was afraid of being vulnerable, didn’t trust, and was afraid to surrender. Because at that time for me it meant I had lost my power. And who wants that. But what power? The power to be sad, tired, and knowing you weren't living your purpose?  I was looking to find my power but by not asking for help, not being vulnerable, not being grateful for all I had and not surrendering meant that I was STUCK. 
And being stuck isn't fun. It's a place of not growing and learning. And where you are is who you attract. And so, it seemed everyone around me was stuck too. 
I had so many tools to get out of the Fatigue place but had forgotten how to use them and knew I needed more tools. 
I started a Facebook group called Fatigue to Fabulous because I wanted a place where women (and me) could go to remind of us that we don't have to live in Fatigue. We don't have to be tired, sick, or stuck unless we choose. 
I wanted to have a place that reminded me to be grateful, practice things like forgiveness, and gratitude. A place where I could remember that "I am she and she is me".  We don't have to do this thing called life alone. Others have been where I am, and I have been where they are most times. So why not have a safe place to ask for help and remember where our power lives...it lives in us. It lives in all of us. It sometimes just gets buried until we remember to reach out. 
I like to think of my Fabulous tools as a backpack metaphor: I have all of these tools in my backpack and sometimes some get stuck in the very bottom of the pack. I have to reach far to find them. And if I forget about them a woman can remind me to go back and look for them. And even better she can give me a few more tools to add to my pack. 
So what is Living a Fabulous Life? 
Balance, surrendering, being imperfect, asking for help, living a balanced life, forgiveness (of ourselves and others) and having fun. 
I love the Book Oola – Living a Balanced Life and love teaching it (cuz I get to remind me) about the 7 F’s to living a balanced life.  Fitness, Friends, Faith, Finance, Field (work), Fun, and Family. I also love that it reminds us of the Oola Blockers and Accelerators (tools)
Gratitude, Love, Discipline, Integrity, Passion, Humility and Wisdom accelerate us Living our Best Ooola-la Fabulous Life. 
If you are a woman who wants daily reminders of our special gifts and tools. If you want a place to remember who we are and how far we have come.  And there is always a place for new friendships, huge shifts, and Big miracles when we are in a place of surrendering and being around others who remind us of how amazing we all are. 
Feel free to join my private group if you'd like some extra love, reminders, maybe some new tools and new friendships. 
It's a beautiful place to hang out. 
Click if you'd like to join: 


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