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My Story

I am a wife, mother, coach and leader. I am just a girl who loves deep friendships, fun, natural health and rocking life. My passion is helping others take charge of their health using natural methods.  I love to coach and be a cheerleader for everyone in my life. I love helping people let go of what isn't serving them. 
Life hasn't always been easy for me but overcoming some really hard stuff has taught me so much. 

Dealing with my young daughter's cancer, living with an addict, dealing with divorce and my ex husbands suicide, a car accident that took away not only my brain function but my identity, being told I'd never work again are just some of the biggest gifts I have received. And no, they weren't fun, but they brought me to where I am now, which is the best place I have ever been. 

Now I get to  help others through Classes on living a balanced and fabulous life, some of the best products on the planet to support all areas of your body, Raindrop Technique to boost your immune system and bring balance to your body, and Detox Foot Baths to let go of all that isn't serving you physically and emotionally,   Detoxing or letting go is a super power we all have, whether it's letting go of relationships, unhealthy routines, chemicals in your home or supporting our body with what it needs to fuel us to our best. 

I love loving people up with my  enthusiastic and fun-loving personality and positive energy.  If you'd like to start your day with daily inspirations and tips on how to live your very best and most Fabulous Life, you can join my private Facebook group, too.  It's amazeballs, by the way, and the most amazing women you could ever meet are there along with me. We are all on this journey of rocking life.

Let me help you find the best version of yourself.  It's an amazing place to be.  Heather 

Feel free to get to know me more and hear my story on this radio and youtube interview I did below.

I just have to tell all you gals about the great Raindrop treatment I had by our lovely Heather.. Heather started the treatment by going into detail about the benefits of a Raindrop treatment, plus explained what oils are used and why. Did you know that many of them are anti-viral/bacterial and fungal?
The experience was very relaxing. I could feel my tension releasing. One of the benefits I did have that is not the list of benefits is that I had a reduction in my hot flashes at night, plus I had the best sleep ever. Thank you so much Heather for your beautiful healing space and your wonderful treatment.  Doreen 
I just had my first Raindrop Technique session! What an amazing experience. The use of oils on my feet and back was incredibly relaxing and at the same time I felt energized after the treatment. So strange to experience both sensations, but Heather’s skill and expertise in performing the Raindrop Technique helped me to achieve both! Breathing in the aromas in addition to having them applied topically provided both immediate and longer lasting effects. I experienced increased sleep and reduced hot flashes that evening. It was a very uplifting experience and I can hardly wait for my next treatment. Robin 

I was blessed to have another Raindrop Massage by Heather the other day. If you haven’t been before or for a while, I can tell you it’s such a beautiful treatment. Heather has moved her treatment area to downstairs and it is so beautiful and peaceful in her new space. I feel so great after and I slept like a baby the next few nights. For those of you new to this treatment, it’s so very gentle and not like a traditional massage. And all the oils! Oh my! I kept getting whiffs all day highly recommend giving it a try! I definitely won’t be waiting so long for my next one! Gail 

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