What’s your story? We all have a story that can be told. It can enlighten and help others who are struggling. But if we aren’t careful we can stay stuck in our story and therefore never get out of it. We can’t really help another if we don’t have a successful happy ending to our story. Who wants to hear another’s story that doesn’t end well.

Here is my story:  15 years ago I was in a horrific car accident and a very abusive marriage.  I lost everything, I was given a label of having a Brain Injury that would be my disability for the rest of my life. Thank you Universe!

Actually yes, Thank you Universe. I can say thank you Universe because I have released it all. It is not a part of me and as a matter of fact, when I tell my story (which isn’t very often anymore and only when it can help others) I don’t even feel like I am telling you the story of me. It feels like I am telling someone else’s story.  This is when you know that you have healed.

Being grateful for my abusive marriage, my disability and every part of my life is where we all need to get to. It is not always easy to get there fast but it is necessary to take small steps to get there.

Today this is my story. I am a completely healthy being in a successful loving marriage with a desire to love myself more every day and help others find happy endings.

There is nothing wrong with having a story or times in our lives that may have had some drama. It is just important to feel the feelings of it, forgive all those involved and find a way to be grateful for every part of it. Let it go!

And when you can do this. You are a very powerful person who is ready for miracles and exciting stories to come your way. Now when I need to help another who is going through what I have been through I can share my story and give them hope for a new ending.

Happily Ever After Everyone.



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